Monday, 20 January 2014

Making Up For Monday (1)

Making Up For Monday is hosted by An Avid Reader, A Wannabe Writer. Click on the link to learn more!

This week's question is: If you could be any character in any book, who would be and what would you do as them in their book?

Wow I can't even pick from all the people I'd want to be but the first character that comes up to mind is Alex from the Covenant series. She's headstrong and keen, and despite the whole series being fantasy she has a lot of realistic teen issues to deal with. There isn't really anything to complain about her character, or change anything about the book because Jennifer L. Armentrout wrote her so fabulously. I admit that I'm not as determined as her (considering her issues are between life and death) so perhaps I'd try to emulate how she does things. Playing her part in the book might help me. 

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