Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Musing Mondays (Jan. 27)

I should really be studying for my midterm exams, but for some reason (and by some reason i mean being heavily medicated and experiencing all the side-effects) I can't concentrate reading the stuff that I have. Then there's also the fact that I'd have to tell my professors about my illness. It's really gonna be very uncomfortable.

I can't wait to be off this medicine, it's making me bloat and eat a lot. It's also making it very difficult for me to concentrate on doing anything important like studying for midterms. Ugh. If i don't eat, my stomach would hurt so bad. I'm glad I have these Young Adult books to read to take my mind off thing. I'll try to study later on and see if I can just condition myself to not pay attention to the lack of concentration.

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