Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (Jan. 28)

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Today's topic is "Top Ten Worlds I'd Never Want To Live In OR Top Ten Characters I'd NEVER Want To Trade Places With"

1. Panem (The Hunger Games) - There's no way I'd survive or want to live in a world that's driven with fear and oppression. Even living in the richer districts would probably drive me insane.
2. Delirium universe (Delirium) - I'm a romantic. Having love be branded as a disease that's brain-damaging and fatal, to the point that people have to get it "removed" out of them is a sad world to be in. 
3. Starters universe (Starters) - There's just something icky about having old people rent out young bodies, and even suggesting the permanence is just seriously too much to handle. The whole concept reminded me of the movie Surrogates, but with actual people who's only in said situation because of having no access to some cure. 
4. Alex (character, The Covenant series) - She's a strong, determined girl but not even being a demigod would make me want to trade places with her. To choose from self-destruction, freedom, ultimate power and being attacked by her own mother
5. Game of Thrones universe (A Song Of Ice and Fire) - Do I even have to explain why this world is extremely unsuitable? I doubt I would survive half a day in King Joffrey's court. I might get too mad and slap him multiple times myself. 
6. The Vampire Diaries - Sure, Elena's life seems peachy that she's surrounded by these hot brothers who'd do everything to keep and protect her, but it just seems a little convoluted to me. I'd rather be someone special to one person and live my life as quietly as possible than be surrounded by these intricate characters in a complex life. 
7. Pretty Little Liars - Let's not even go there. I really liked this show since the start, and having best friends who I can share secrets to would be really great but to trade that off with a stalker who might or might not be someone who's very close to me is a massive no-no. The setting is pretty quiet, for a book (and i know the show has delved into parts the book hasn't even considered) that involves so much to the deconstruction of the characters. 
8. Aria (Pretty Little Liars) - The most fashionable and arguably charming of the Liars, I simply cannot trade my simple, quiet life for Aria's. She's beautiful and smart but I don't want a stalker/boyfriend tailing me all the time, sending creepy messages to my best friends and manipulating people to get what he wants. 
9. Narcissa (Harry Potter) - We didn't get to see much of Narcissa in the movies but her character, personally, is one of the most memorable ones for me in the book. I wouldn't want to trade off with her not because she's in the Dark side but that she endures just too much for her own sake. I am a Slytherin at heart (no shame in there!) and to have people peg her as someone very ill-meaning and cold hearted is just too much. 
10. Jules (Visions series) - Not dystopic, but I'd probably the first one to go insane if I suddenly keep seeing visions of a terrible crash that kills multiple people, and that I have no one to tell them to. 


  1. Great list, I personally would love to trade with Elena (if you know... my family weren't all killed) but I cant help it, I'm obsessed with Damon haha.

    My TTT

    1. Haha, okay okay MAYBE because of Damon but he has to stick by me at all costs. For protection and vitamin eye-candy :) Thanks for the comment!

    2. haha I'm glad you agree, no one can resist Damon :P. & you are very much welcome :)

  2. Oh! I so agree with you on The Hunger Games and Delirium...
    A world without love? People removing a part of your brain to take away your ability to love, that's freaky!
    And The Hunger Games pretty much speaks for itself. I wouldn't want to live constantly fearing my name being called on Reaping Day. Or put my children to something like that for that matter.


    Great picks!

    1. I don't know what could eventually drive humans to fear love but just thinking about it is very scary. The Hunger Games is even scarier to think of because I think it's very plausible. Who knows to what ends human debasement will go?

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. I would say great picks but I can't because I wouldn't want to live in those worlds either.
    Here's our TTT
    Doris @ OABR

    1. Thanks for the comment! It's nice to read about these possibilities but to actually live them would seriously be a nightmare :(

  4. This is the first list I have seen with Pretty Little Liars and I totally can see that, it would be freakin awful to deal with all that backstabbing and drama!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings