Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts (Feb. 20)

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Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts is a chance for book bloggers to dabble in areas besides books (but those are welcome too). Share your plans for the weekend, a rant on people not using their turn signals in parking lots, or your love of Sunday morning mimosas.

  1.  So the beach party was awesome! The place was really pretty and relaxing and I got to eat a lot of good food so everything was super cool. I think I almost overdosed on the caramel macchiato they had at the cafe since it was sooo good. I've never had one before and it's my boyfriend's favourite too. 
  2. There were a lot of cats in the resort, which I found really relaxing. They weren't super rowdy or disturbing at alll, they just sat there all weird and would stare at you. At one point it got really creepy because one cat wouldn't stop staring at me. I love cats though so it's all okay. 
  3. Here's a little panoramic image of the resort. This is my second time there, just a different "area" of the whole shoreline. It's crescent-shaped and you can literally walk your way around it.

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