Monday, 10 February 2014

Making Up For Monday (Feb. 10)

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Which literary character would you most like to have a 'significant relationship' with?

Based on similarities, I would have to say Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I'm always told of how imaginative I was when I was a child. I think that was partially because my parents didn't really liked the idea of me spending my afternoons playing on the sidewalk like all the other children in my neighborhood. I didn't really try to sneak out, I was already surrounded by plush toys and a grandmother who loved to tell me stories of the paranormal sort. Occasionally, she'd tell me about the origins of superstitious beliefs and what happens if you don't follow them, and I think that's why fantasy appeals to me. Alice's best trait, in my opinion, is her curiosity and I think she and I would complement each other very well. It'd be great to have a good friendship with someone who shares that certain similarity with you, and not just because you like the same things. 

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